What should you do first when you think you might be pregnant? Get a free pregnancy test.

Pregnancy Tests
Taking a pregnancy test can be stressful, but it’s an important tool to determine if you are indeed pregnant. You can then make important decisions as soon as possible.regarding your pregnancy. A pregnancy test detects a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), which is only found in a woman’s body if she is pregnant.

Some at home pregnancy tests can detect the hCG hormone (the hormone that indicates pregnancy) a few days prior to your missed period. They are most effective, however, after you have missed a period. If you got positive results from a home test, having a lab-quality test performed by a health care provider is recommended as the next step.

Don’t wait until you’ve missed a period
You do not have to wait until you have missed a period to find out if you are pregnant. We offer free laboratory-quality pregnancy tests that are able to detect the hCG pregnancy hormone as early as seven days after conception. This service is free and totally confidential.
Do you have signs that you may be pregnant?

In addition to a positive pregnancy test, women’s bodies also have certain pregnancy signs and symptoms such as those listed below.

  • a late or missed period
  • swollen and/or tender breasts
  • nipples that are darker than before
  • feeling nauseous (or having what is sometimes referred to as “Morning Sickness”)
  • fatigue or feeling tired or drained
  • having back pain that isn’t from an accident or exercise
  • Headaches may be a sign or symptoms of pregnancy
  • urge to urinate frequently
  • new, unusual food cravings.
  • a more sensitive sense of smell

For more information about pregnancy, visit the American Pregnancy Association

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